Team and trustees

Our team of therapists, supervisors and consultants practice a wide range of therapies and are all specially trained to work with young people and families.

We are accredited by these organisations

  • Association Child & Adolescent Psychotherapists (ACP)
  • Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP)
  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

  • British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC)

Our clinical team

Child & Adolescent

Ruth Glover (Director, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist)
Helena Cowen (Principal, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist)
Laura Garland (Principal, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist)
Victoria Hayward (Principal, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist)

Andrew Browne
Isla Fitchie
Joanne Horner
Evgenia Larsinou
Annabel Pointon
Lina Stavrakaki
Isabelle Von Oppen
Yael Yadlin (Outreach & Partnerships Lead)
Elizabeth Lewis (in Doctoral Training, IPCAPA at the British Psychotherapy Foundation)
Suzy Martin (in Doctoral Training, Tavistock Clinic)
Will Parkinson (in Doctoral Training, Tavistock Clinic)
Claire Poplawska (in Doctoral Training, IPCAPA at the British Psychotherapy Foundation)

Psychodynamic Psychotherapists
Working with Children, Young People and Families

John Reece (Outreach and Partnerships Lead)
Sarah Bastianello
Paul Mills

Psychology and Integrated Therapies Team

Helena Curran (Psychology Lead, Counselling Psychologist)
Angarad Roberts (CBT Therapist)
Seren Alaeddinoglu (Assistant Psychologist)

School Counsellors

Woodside High School:
Yael Yadlin (Outreach and Partnerships Lead, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist)
Nicola Dunbar (Psychodynamic Psychotherapist working with children, young people and families)
Jessica Burnett (Psychodynamic Psychotherapist working with children, young people and families)
Alice Jenkinson (Psychodynamic Psychotherapist working with children, young people and families)

Xavier Fontenille (Drama Psychotherapist)

Thomas Buckup Desouza
(post-graduate trainees in Psychological Therapies with Children, Young People and Families, Tavistock Clinic)
Chrysoula Karamitsou
(post-graduate trainees in Psychological Therapies with Children, Young People and Families, Tavistock Clinic)

External Clinical Consultants and Supervisors

Alex Desiatnikov (Clinical Psychologist; Research Lead – Parenting Teenagers Project)

Honorary Therapists

Monelle Speed
Susannah Asprey (Honorary Assistant Psychotherapist)

Support Team

Alan Apter (Head of Data)
Alicia Hunt (Finance Officer)
Fran Krauss (Clinical Administrator)
Manisha Mahandru (Intake)
Samantha Matassini-Buval (Clinical Administrator)
Amal Mohamud (Clinical Administrator)
Jemma Sager (Operations Manager)
Caroline Werge (Senior Clinical Administrator)

Our trustees

Karen Simmons (Chair of Trustees)

Karen has been a Trustee of Open Door since 2017 and Chair since 2020. Her background is in brand and communications planning. She was Planning Director at several large agencies, commissioning research into attitudes, motivations, and behaviour, and evaluating the effectiveness of communications strategies. Some of the research projects she was involved in explored young people’s attitudes to drinking, sexuality, and body image. In recent years, she has volunteered in a number of schools across North-Central London, providing literacy support to children with a range of academic, emotional and behavioural difficulties. She is passionate about improving access to good mental health support, having witnessed how painfully difficult the system can be to navigate, both for young people and parents.

Jacqui Tefoglou (Treasurer & Vice Chair of Trustees)

Jacqui Tefoglou is an accountant and tax specialist who worked in finance for many years, initially in the banking industry and then in the pharmaceutical industry. Since leaving work she has volunteered in several organisations including The Princes Trust, St Mary Magdalene Academy and Into University helping adolescents to achieve their potential.

Jacqui says, “I became a Trustee as I believe I can use my experience in finance to support the invaluable work that Open Door offers to young people in our community.”

Angela Alabi (Secretary)

Angela Alabi is Company Secretary for a national charity. She is an experienced governance specialist who initially worked within the education sector for a number of years before moving to the charity sector. She is a School Governor and Committee Chair for a local local primary school and was a Magistrate for twelve years. Angela recently founded a small charity which provides school exclusions advocacy services to families.

Angela says, “I am passionate about causes committed to enabling all children and young people to fulfil their potential. I am a huge supporter of Open Door and excited at being able to apply my skills to support the critical work the charity carries out in the community.”

Scarlett MccGwire

Scarlett MccGwire is a media and communications adviser to a host of organisations and prominent people, particularly politicians. She has worked with five of the last six Labour Party leaders.

Scarlett says, “Open Door is a vital service which changes young people’s lives in Haringey. I feel privileged to be associated with such an important service.”

Alex Ramos Boylan

Alex is a civil servant at HM Treasury, working in financial services regulation and has worked in other departments on data protection issuers. He is also a tutor for the Access Project, helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds to access top universities.

Judy Shuttleworth

Judy Shuttleworth is a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. She has worked in three CAMHS and most recently in the paediatric department of a local district hospital (Whittington Hospital). She has been a clinical teacher on one of the NHS Training Schools – The Tavistock and Portman, Chair of the Association of Child Psychotherapists, and Chair of the ACP Training Council. Following her retirement in October 2020 she continues to work as a supervisor of child psychotherapists in training.

Judy says, “I was delighted when I was invited to be a Trustee of Open Door. It’s a service I have had a lot of contact with down the years and which I very much admire. Open Door has kept a focus on the experience of young people and the difficulties faced by their families in trying to support them. In the face of many challenges Open Door has been able to maintain a balance between a prompt initial response to a young person in a crisis and the need to recognise the longstanding nature of some difficulties require longer term interventions.”

Janine Sternberg

Janine Sternberg is a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, who has worked for many years in the NHS, in local CAMHS services & then in more specialist services including the Tavistock Mulberry Day Unit and the Portman Clinic. She has recently retired from being the Clinical Course Director of the Independent Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy training, a doctoral programme under the auspices of UCL run by IPCAPA at the BPF and the Anna Freud Centre. She has held many positions of responsibility within the child psychotherapy profession & is now a non-executive director on the Association of Child Psychotherapist‘s Board.

Janine says, “I was keen to be part of Open Door as I have long been aware of it as an excellent service, responsive to the needs of young people. It is creative and innovative in its approach to helping individuals and their families, and a beacon within the profession in terms of its thinking about young people.”

Katie Cavanagh

Katie is a professional fundraiser with over 25 years’ experience in local and national charities. As a transformation and strategy expert, she has helped thousands of donors to make an impact on peoples lives.

Katie says ‘As a mum of teenagers, I understand the importance of Open Door’s work and the vital role they play in supporting young people in our community. I am delighted to bring my fundraising expertise to such an important cause’