Make a referral

Open Door’s Young People’s Service is available to adolescents and young people aged 12-24 living in Haringey.

How to make a referral

Most of the young people that come to us are self-referrals and we find that this is empowering for them. They can contact us either by phone 020 8348 5947 or by requesting a call-back via emailing

We accept referrals from a parent or carer, but we’ll ask the young person in question to confirm with us that they actually want to attend appointments.

We also take referrals from professionals through Haringey’s CAMHS; please fill in a CAMHS Referral form and send it either by email ( or by post to:

CAMHS Access
M Block, St. Ann’s Hospital
St. Ann’s Road. London N15 3TH.

We do not accept professional referrals of over-18s. Young adults should refer themselves. However, professionals can support young adults in self-referring or contact us before signposting a young adult to Open Door (phone 020 8348 5947 or email to request a call back).

Parenting Teenagers Project

Open Door’s Parenting Teenagers Project (PTP) is available to parents and carers of young people aged 12-21 living in Haringey. The vast majority of parents and carers we see are self-referrals. However, professionals can discuss a parent they feel would benefit from our service by calling 020 8348 5947 or emailing us at

In general though, we encourage parents/carers to refer themselves.