What young people say

What young service users have said about Open Door

It’s hard to say what my life would have been like had I not been having therapy at Open Door…I believe it helped me deal with some very significant issues. Having a place I could use to make sense of difficult feelings and thoughts I was having as well as a person I could trust helped me develop as a person and continues to inform the way I think about myself and the world today. Open Door has been incredibly valuable to me and I’m extremely grateful for all the hard work everyone has done for me especially my therapist.”

22 year old service user at the end of therapy

Being able to talk more about my problems to someone who isn’t connected to my mum/school/council etc. has given me a sense of trust and confidentiality. Thank you!”

15 year old service user

I think the service has been very important and without the help I have had here I would have been unable to make the progress I’ve needed in my life. It’s a reliable and trustworthy service. I’ve always felt comfortable and secure here. Thank you.”

23 year old at the end of longer-term therapy

It has been so helpful to learn things that I wasn’t helped with growing up. They can seem basic but I’ve realised they are fundamental to being balanced and happy.”

24 year old service user at the end of treatment

It’s very good and it has helped me. Get more therapists available so more people can be seen.”

19 year old service user

The service is amazing. It’s helped me so much to get to where I am now…..gave me the tools and strategies to combat negativity. Nothing more to add. Perfect!”

21 year old service user

I was treated well, was given space to think, talk and to get help.”

12 year old service user

I’m really thankful for it because my anxiety had been making my life harder and making me feel really down. Now I’m much happier and able to do what I want to do. THANK YOU!”

17 year old service user

I valued the relaxed, friendly and ‘normal’ atmosphere created by the staff. I have appreciated not being made to feel like there is something wrong about being here or needing this type of support and guidance to be more stable in moving on with life. Thank you.”

24 year old service user

At first I was apprehensive about therapy and my therapist but now I feel we have really bonded and she has helped me immensely. I’m very pleased with Open Door. I feel a close, warm relationship here…I feel fulfilled and happy about the future. With many thanks.”

18 year old service user

I very much appreciated it and would absolutely recommend it to my friends and family. It is a shame that there are not more services like this that are free of charge and don’t have an 8 session limit.”

24 year old ending long term therapy

I felt like I was treated an individual and not just another “number”. Felt like I could trust the therapist and that she really cared for my wellbeing and how I was improving day to day. Excellent service, a really useful support network.”

23 year old service user

…..been great so far. Really starting to see a change in myself and so are those closest to me. I know I would be in a terrible place without Open Door. Thank you.”

15 year old service user

I’m finding the Open Door sessions useful because of the help it’s giving me at school and in home. I like Open Door because it’s helped me to communicate better at home and be more confident in making friends at school.”

13 year old service user

At weekly sessions, I was offered time and space to talk through a welter of emotions. I am still grateful for this intervention and what I learnt from it about caring for one’s mental – as well as one’s physical – health.”

A recent donor and ex-service user – 20 years on