Our Publications

Our Publications

Open Door’s Parenting Teenagers Project (PTP)
A paper describing setting up this service and outcome evidence was published in an international clinical journal:
Jarvis, C. Trevatt, D. & Drinkwater, D.  (2004) Parenting Teenagers: Setting up and Evaluating a Therapeutic Parent Consultation Service: Work in Progress, Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Vol 9, number 2,. The paper described setting up the PCS and a preliminary statistical evaluation of outcome data.

Three further academic papers about the PTP have been published:
Jarvis, C. (2005) Parenting problems: research and clinical perspectives on parenting adolescents. Journal of Child Psychotherapy, Vol 31 No 2.
Trevatt. D (2005) Adolescent in Mind. Journal of Child Psychotherapy, vol 31, no.2.

And one chapter in a book:
Bailey, T (2006) ‘There is no such thing as an adolescent’. In Lanyado, M & Horne, A (eds.) A Question of Technique, London: Routledge

Currently a further outcome paper, reporting on developments in the Open Door PTP and on an evaluation of treatment response and outcome, is being prepared for submission to an academic journal.

Kemp, M. (2005). It ain’t easy growing up in World War 111: counter transference complications in work with young people who have experienced domestic violence. Journal of British Association of Psychotherapists. Vol. 43, No 1.

NB: Open Door has a strict policy relating to publication of clinical material. Where authors illustrate their article with examples of clinical work, written permission is given by the service user and the identity of the individual is disguised in order to minimise the possibility of recognition.